Find the Perfect Home in Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is one of the most exciting places to begin the next chapter of your life. Not only is it a world-class ski town incorporating picturesque beauty, but it boasts an array of historical and family-friendly spots. From classic log cabin styles to contemporary properties, Telluride has also become synonymous with living up to its expectations by providing excellent homes.

At Steve Cieciuch Telluride Area Real Estate, we can help you find the house of your dreams. Whether you're going to be a full-time or part-time homeowner, there’s surely something that will fit your needs. If you’re looking for a classic log cabin style house, a modern home, or a large property with a scenic view, our team can find the perfect house for you.

Common Types of Houses for Sale in Telluride

Single-Family Homes

The Telluride region boasts a wide variety of stunning single-family homes. These are houses built on a single lot, with no shared walls and plenty of mountain views. They tend to offer more privacy and space and, since you don’t share the property with anyone else, you have the freedom to landscape and design your property to fit your taste.

Our team of Telluride area real estate agents will help you find the single-family home you’re desiring, with the size and lot you’re searching for.

Multi-Family Homes

These multi-family homes are unique spaces that have turned into two or more living spaces with the same luxury feel and stunning backdrops that Telluride offers. They can range in size from a duplex to a four-plex and can be row-house style or have multiple floors. They are an excellent option for those looking for a home that allows friends or family members to live in the same place but in different units. When it comes to multi-family homes in Telluride, there’s only one owner for the whole building (unlike condos and apartments)

Most ski homes for sale in Telluride blend elements of varied architectural styles to create something unique and spacious. Some of the multi-family floor plans incorporate amenities such as theaters, gyms, wine rooms, and even indoor basketball courts.

If you’re searching for something unique to accommodate your family or incorporate these features, give us a call. Our team of Telluride real estate agents will help you find the perfect space.

Different Types of Homeowners

Scenic and Stylish

This group of homeowners predominantly prefer secluded homes away from the bustling traffic and trades of the day. They place privacy and luxury at a premium, keeping their living area unique and exclusive. Typically, they tend to love classic log cabin style homes with a slight touch of sophistication. Many of the properties that interest this demographic are located on or near breathtaking scenery in Telluride that allows for pure relaxation and the enjoyment of nature. If you’re a scenic and stylish homeowner, connect with our real estate team. We’ll find you a home that fits your style and exclusivity in the Telluride area.

Contemporary Style

Forward-thinking architecture and design inspire this group of homeowners. Modern houses featuring luxurious amenities seem to be a hallmark, as well as sleek and unique designs within the home. From state-of-the-art living rooms to bedrooms, such individuals are not hesitant to buy to their heart’s desires. Luckily, Telluride features many modern and contemporary homes that will peak these homeowner’s interests. Contact our real estate team, today, to tour Telluride’s top modern homes for sale.


“Cutting-edge” homeowners tend to consist of millennials - younger investors with an eye for design and a desire to live in interesting properties that blend with their tastes. Their usual favorites include condominiums right in the middle of town where they can get a piece of the action. Many millennials also opt to live part-time in Telluride, where they can get a piece of the action once the snow starts to fall.

If you’re searching for cutting-edge homes within the Telluride area, connect with our Steve Ciecuich Telluride Area Real Estate team. We’ll help you find the “one-of-a-kind” house, multi-family house, and condominium you’re looking for.

Top Things People Look for When Buying a House in Telluride


Space is a top priority for every homebuyer, as it can be the make or break between entertaining guests from out of town, throwing a get-together, or stowing all your belongings and equipment. Telluride has a great variety of home sizes to accommodate those on both ends of the spectrum.

Proximity to Amenities

Many homebuyers want access to essential amenities such as banks, hospitals, schools, restaurants and entertainment joints to make the quality of life appealing. Others may wish to live a more private life that requires additional time and travel to get around. Luckily, there are areas in Telluride where you can accommodate both lifestyles/needs.


Efficient security is a necessity for homebuyers in Telluride. Each property has been set up with advanced security features to promote comfort and put your mind at ease. Although the crime rate is extremely low, you can never be too careful!

Why Steve Cieciuch Telluride Area Real Estate Is Your Best Partner

At Steve Cieciuch Telluride Area Real Estate, our seasoned team will take you through popular neighborhoods and help you find everything from ski-in ski-out homes to condos to unique multi-structured houses. We will find you the perfect home without compromising your comfort, whether you want your home in a secluded area or a neighborhood, close to shopping/restaurants or close to Telluride’s historic landmarks.

Whatever you’re searching for, we will find it for you! Contact us to get started on your Telluride house hunt, today.