If you’ve been thinking about buying a new home or a second home, going for a luxury condominium such as those found in Telluride, Colorado can be the best move.

The popularity of purchasing such properties continues to grow and whether you want a place to spend time with the family, a post-retirement getaway or an investment opportunity, a well-picked luxury condo can give you the peace of mind.

Luxury condos in Telluride are not the typical high-rise buildings. They are a unique type of residence, combining an apartment complex and a single-family home, with a reduced number of owners. The most common units in Telluride are single-story buildings.

Buying a condo in Telluride is a great way to invest in something that your family will enjoy year after year. The key is finding the one that best suits your needs, and unforgettable joy will follow you wherever you choose.

Telluride is a stunning sight to behold, and with the breathtaking mountain range serving as your backdrop, the area is home to plenty of cozy condominiums to match its charm. From luxury ski-in, ski-out condos to hidden gems off the beaten path, Telluride offers unparalleled beauty and real estate investment opportunities.

When you’re ready to shop, you can trust Steve Cieciuch Telluride Area Real Estate to guide you through our list of condominiums for sale and the entire process of finding your dream home in this beautiful place. Whether you’re going to be a full-time or a vacation/part-time homeowner, we can help you find what you’re looking for in popular areas around town.



The luxury condominiums market in Telluride is hot right now thanks to factors such as millennials pursuing more education and opting to delay marriage to save more.

The increased demand has also been pushed by the baby boomers living longer and staying healthier and exiting their large family homes to move into luxury condos that offer less maintenance. The earlier you get a property in Telluride the better. Supply in the area is limited and with continuously rising property values, the time to get you a luxury condo is now.

One reason that pushes people to spend much on a property that has less space is the upkeep. With a condo, it is highly unlikely that you’ll be responsible for the upkeep of your unit’s exterior.

There's no need to mow a lawn or rake leaves, in turn maximizing enjoyment and minimizing your responsibilities. Amenities such as business centers, parking lots, and pools are all maintained by the property owner, and you can expect them to be in working order and clean at all times.

If you’re going to be an absentee owner, you’ll be certain that your new investment will be looked after. Also, purchasing a luxurious condo means that you’re going for a property that is far more centralized and with a great variety of luxury amenities.

Buying these properties is quite different from investing in traditional homes and condominiums, and as such, there are a few things to consider and tips to employ when exploring the attractive Telluride real estate market.



Real estate is famously about location, location, location. When looking to put down roots in Telluride, it’s imperative to get specific where you want to spend your time, especially if the luxury condo is going to be your special gateway.

Do you want to be close to restaurants and nightlife or near a bustling art scene? Somewhere with good access to interstates of highways? You’ll find something that matches your taste in Telluride. At Steve Cieciuch Telluride Area Real Estate, we can help you find the right type of condo in a location that’s a perfect fit for your needs.

Whether you want to buy a ski in/ski out, in a historic area, near transport, near restaurants and entertainment, Telluride offers diverse neighborhoods, and we can help you live your Telluride dream.



When you buy a luxury condo, you buy a lifestyle and pledge to commit for better or worse. As such, you want to buy a property that shares the same values and interests with the community. Buyers can come from a wide range of backgrounds.

And if you want a luxury condo that promotes camaraderie between residents, Telluride offers a sense of community with a plethora of activities that are set to help you to start building friendships with your immediate neighbors.

Each buyer has different needs and preferences and the answer to finding a perfect luxury property with the right amenities is up to your lifestyle needs.

The upgrade to luxury living will be a great step forward in your life. When looking for a realtor in Telluride, let Steve Cieciuch use his wealth of market experience to make your luxury condo purchase as seamless as possible.

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