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In my first quarter update for 2015 I stated that I was eager to see if 2015 would prove to buck a “W” recovery trend as 2014 was a significant crest year in the wave recovery that started in 2010. The 1st quarter of 2015 started 9% down in dollar volume and 2% down in transaction volume which was lending early support that 2015 could be a trough year.  I also stated that the “off season” consisting of the months of April and May were as busy as I could ever remember over my 28 year career.  It turns out that this busy time period for many in the brokerage community morphed into a significant amount of closings.  As a result, the 2nd quarter was up 1% in dollar volume and 5% in transaction volume despite competing against a record June of 2014 that…

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The San Miguel County Real Estate Market has been experiencing a steady rebound since 2009, however the rebound has been a wave (“w”) recovery with 2014 being a crest year, in fact, the highest crest year since the rebound started.

It will be interesting to see if 2015 will be a trough year as it pertains to over-all dollar volume and transaction volume or will the “W” trend be bucked and are we in the throws of a steady upward trend?  First quarter results indicate a 9% decrease in dollar volume and a slight increase of 2% in transaction volume, however, anecdotally, this is the busiest “off-season” I have ever experienced. A significant amount of property is being shown and contracted since the closing of the ski area. This is quite atypical and…

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Wow, 2014 was the year of the turn around for the San Miguel County Real Estate Market!  Since the downturn which started in 2008 (which reached its lowest point in 2011 evidenced by $247.4M in overall sales volume) total dollar volume in 2015 more than doubled at $507.1M.

2014 experienced gains of 33% in overall dollar volume compared to 2013 with a 28% gain in the number of transactions.

The Town of Telluride Single Family homes continued to lead the way demonstrating consistent strength with a 45.8% increase in overall dollar volume of $75.4M (37 sales) versus $51.7M (27 sales) in 2013 and a 37% increase in transaction volume.  Average homes prices rose from $1.915M to $2.037M, a 6% increase.

Town of Telluride Condominiums experienced a…

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