• By Erin Spillane, Planet Contributor
  • Jan 21, 2020
Bear Creek

A 1975 photo of Bear Creek Canyon with Telluride Town Park in the foreground. (Photo courtesy of the San Miguel Conservation Foundation)

This week, take a moment to wish Bear Creek a happy birthday.

On Jan. 23, 1995, ownership of the 320-acre parcel that stretches south from Telluride Town Park, formerly a patchwork of mining claims and private lands in lower Bear Creek Canyon, passed to the then-newly formed San Miguel Conservation Foundation (SMCF) and, ultimately, the Town of Telluride.

The move formally created Bear Creek Preserve, protecting the land from future development.

The story of how Bear Creek Preserve came to be, though, stretches even farther back…

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ScupltFest team, fun run benefit efforts

      • By Sophie Stuber, Planet Contributor
      • 22 hrs ago
Aussie fire relief

Molly Perrault and Brooke Einbender sculpted a koala during this year’s SculptFest in Mountain Village to benefit the Koala Hospital. (Courtesy photo)

Telluride residents are familiar with the devastating effects of wildfires. The fires during the summer of 2018 were disastrous for parts of Colorado. Fortunately, most residential areas were spared. For the current wildfires in Australia, the same is not true.

The continent’s megafires are burning in populated areas, which is atypical. Wildfires of this scale usually burn in remote regions in Canada or Siberia, where they can burn out without threatening people, as…

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By Leslie Vreeland, Contributing Editor Jan 17, 2020 Updated Jan 17, 2020

Tom and Anne Connor with their golden retrievers, Joya and Danny. (Photo by Leslie Vreeland/Telluride Daily Planet)

By the time you read this, the Dakota Home Store, a fixture on Telluride’s Main Street for more than two decades, will be no more.

All gone: the carefully selected tables and chairs, the scrupulously curated kitchen supplies. Goodbye to Joya and Danny, the golden retrievers who lounged inside the warm store in winter and greeted kids outside in summer.

For that matter, farewell to the golden-retriever-shaped salt-and-pepper shakers, one of the few items left in the store Friday afternoon. Tom and Anne Connor, Joya and Danny’s owners — also the owners of…

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As we enter 2020 with significant optimism (setting aside politics - both domestic and international), a look over our shoulder at the 2019 Telluride Real Estate market revealed a record setting year. To begin, an extraordinary year in-general resulted in an 11% increase over 2018 in San Miguel County’s overall dollar volume to $594.3 mm. Additionally, a broader fourth quarter push in sales showed exceptional strength at $265.5 mm. December capped the year with a dollar volume of $96.9 mm, the highest grossing month of sales in San Miguel County’s history. [ READ: Telluride Real Estate Activity Report, Q4 ] The Town of Telluride showed record-setting metrics beginning with strong sales in the…

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