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About Steve

Since 1986, Steve Cieciuch has been active in the real estate community of Colorado's most beautiful townships. An avid outdoorsman himself, Steve fell in love with the natural allure of Colorado’s mountain towns, finally coming to live in Telluride in 1990. At the same time, he joined Telluride Properties as the managing broker, hopeful that he could share his passion for mountain living with other families. 

Ever since joining the Telluride Properties team and the Telluride Association of Realtors, Steve has expanded his real estate expertise to include services ranging from residential and commercial sales to land planning and development. He has also undertaken many historical renovation projects, promoting and preserving small-town history, the likes of which are in the isolated communities of the Rocky Mountains. 

Today, Steve has become an invaluable part of the real estate community in Telluride. He has worked closely with developers of all kinds to launch communities like Ptarmigan Ranch, San Juan Ranch, Muddy Creek Ranch and Elk Creek Ranch. Steve had a hand in the game from the earliest stages of land planning in these subdivisions, all the way to the sale of each unit.

Anyone looking for homes for sale in Telluride can benefit from Steve's experience and insight. He has been so deeply embedded in the community for the last several decades that he can guide homebuyers, investors, and developers to the very best properties in the region. While his primary focus is Telluride properties for sale, Steve is also very familiar with the surrounding areas across San Juan Mountain. 

When it comes to Telluride realtors, Steve Cieciuch is as good as it gets. Aside from his love of the area, his clients praise his dedication to the process of finding a home as well. He routinely goes above and beyond to meet buyers who are traveling from out of the area and works hard to provide the highest value to his buyers, even when they are working on a tight schedule. He never settles for second best, and always ensures that his customers can see every house that appeals to them. Throughout the home search, Steve is also enthusiastic about showing buyers the many charms of the Telluride area with suggestions of great restaurants, scenic opportunities and so much more.

Outside of real estate, Steve has an exciting set of skills and interests. He is well known among the fly-fishing community, in addition to being a champion skier. For Steve, living in Telluride gives him quick access to world-class sports and leisure. When he's not wading into the rivers or flying down the slopes, he can be found in a quiet environment, creating pastel paintings of the surrounding wildlife. In fact, local businesses and residents purchase Steve's artwork to decorate offices, restaurants and fireplace mantels. 

Steve's love of the Telluride community also extends into some community service and philanthropic ventures. He has served on the board of several non-profits and is currently serving on the board of Mountain Film, an organization built upon a love for adventure and discovery in the mountains. The film festival celebrates local filmmakers who exemplify the unique atmosphere and lifestyle of the region. 

There is no shortage of incredible views, beautiful construction, and fascinating history in Telluride, and Steve knows it all. Anyone looking to purchase a home in Telluride will love the level of service and dedication that comes from Steve's team. From the moment of the first contact, Steve devotes all of his energy to closing great deals for his clients. He is on top of the entire process, providing regular check-ins for clients, and ensuring that everything is progressing as expected. His organizational mindset is a critical element that keeps everything running smoothly toward the finish line, allowing nothing to fall through the cracks. Buyers who are worried about attempting a stressful real estate purchase from out of state can rest at ease knowing that Steve has it all under control. 

No matter what type of property you are looking for in Telluride and the surrounding area, Steve is here for you. While he is best known for his ranch communities, he is also deeply familiar with the traditional and historic buildings at the heart of the town. He knows the ins and outs of commercial buildings and the potential for new developments and land deals. If you are ready to join the Telluride community, contact Steve today and become a member of his real estate family. There are dozens of Telluride properties for sale, just waiting for someone like you to fall in love with them. You can also search our site for current listings, and read more about how Steve has helped thousands of other families and investors.